SPEC Lab puts great effort in providing more resource to support original research by students and faculty in POSC and IR. We provide weekly office hours to offer research design & stats consulting. These office hours are open to all SIR and POSC faculty and all POIR graduate students, as well as to undergraduate research assistants, honors thesis writers, and fellowship applicants from SIR and POSC.

This spring the office hours will be staffed by Anna Lipscomb, Miriam Barnum, and Jihyun Shin. Please don’t hesitate to come see us for help on issues related to dissertations, side projects, or your courses. We are here to help. We look forward to seeing you!

*Appointments can be booked here

Detailed information for Spring 2020 as following:

General Office Hours:

Instructor:  John Kang

Time:  Tuesday 10am-12pm

Location:  Zoom meeting -

Instructor:  Nathanael Jo

Time: Monday 12pm-1pm, Wednesday 12pm-1pm

Location:  TBA

Instructor:  Kaitlyn King

Time:  Friday 11am-1pm


Further questions can be directed here

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